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We received this personal story from a student named Brandon who had ordered an essay from BestEssay. He described what he liked and what he didn’t like, and shared his opinion about this writing service.

Looking ahead, we should admit that Brandon was really satisfied working with Best Essay team. And we agree with him about that. You can find mentioned as one of the best essay writing services in 2020 and the best personal statement writing service on our website.

My Experience with

These days it is a torture trying to figure out what company to use to write papers. I’ve never been a great writer. Even if I was, I still would hate essays. Why do all professors insist on assigning papers over and over again? In the 24 hours of every day, I’d have to spend most of my awake hours writing and studying. That’s why I’ve been searching for a good company for a long time now.

Companies are very disappointing these days. As a person who has tried many of them, I can tell you one thing – they lie. I cannot count the number of companies that promised me miraculous essays just to let me down. But, not this one. BestEssay is pretty much the only service I’d recommend without any reservations.

If you like to have some fun like I do (what student doesn’t?), you really need to find a company like this one. They take your assignment and do everything for you. No one ever finds out about this. I pass on their work as my own, get high grades, and spend my free time as I wish. Of course, I have to fit in studying in the schedule, but at least I have some time to sleep, eat, and see my friends.

Let me tell you how my story with this company began. I spoke to this one friend I have in school and complained about this company that sent me a terrible paper. They sent what was mostly plagiarized. Thank God I used a scanner before I sent it out. My professor is very strict about this and I would get into a lot of trouble.

I was talking with this friend, telling him that they didn’t do anything to fix this. They didn’t even apologize! Then he said that I need to try He spoke so highly of them, I actually jumped into the chance to use them the next day.

It turned out better than I hoped. When you open the website, everything is arranged perfectly. They have all these pages that describe prices, discounts, and even a sample page to look at. I love organized websites. It makes it easier to go through them.

On the homepage, there was a free calculator. It took me a minute to see how much my  paper will cost me. A five-page finance essay ordered in a week came with three offered prices in the range between $120 and $160 total. This was a nice price, but I appreciated their 15% discount. It sure made things more affordable and easier for me.

You just need to select the field that says ‘I’m a new customer’ on the calculator I’ve mentioned and the price will automatically get lower.

Next, I was taken to the order form. I had to complete the basics – tell them what I need, and write down my name, phone number, and email. In the form, I was also offered some extras. To make sure that things will go well (this was an important essay, after all), I paid extra $9 to get my work done by their top 10 writers. It was an offer I couldn’t miss.

Then, I had to wait. After six days and a couple of hours, I received an email saying that I can download my paper. I signed up on the website and did the download. When I read the paper, I was amazed.

The formatting was flawless. I only indicated a formatting style in the order, but the writer did much more. I got myself a free bibliography with the order, and all the sources were neatly presented. I gave them a bit of checking to see if they are trustworthy. The writer actually used numerous books that I couldn’t have found online.

Then I moved on to the writing. From start to finish, my essay was brilliant. I chose their premium quality since I’m a college student and that’s what their support agents recommended. I spoke to them on the live chat. There’s a small queue when you reach out, but they probably have many agents since they responded a few minutes later.

The introduction of my essay was captivating. In the body paragraphs, there was tons of research and the writer had amazing style. Most importantly, I found no mistakes of any kind. They’ve proofread it entirely before sending it.

My last move was to use the scanner and see if there’s plagiarism. Guess what? There was none! This is one of the very few times that I’ve found zero plagiarism.

I’ll gladly recommend this company to anyone who needs help like I do. After using so many services, I’m happy to have found a good one. They even have discounts for regulars, so I’m about to enjoy better prices all the time.

We hope this was really interesting and useful for you! You are welcome to send us your reviews and stories via our contact form. Maybe your story will be the next that appear on our site!

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  1. I had a very similar experience as Brandon with BestEssay. They are expedient, professional, and don’t burn a hole in my pocket. It’s the ideal combo. Just recently I received an original history essay from them, and it needed no editing

  2. Best Essay has excellent writers. They did everything I asked in my order, and I always ask for too much. The cost is not something I can afford every day, but as Brandon said, their welcome offer is more than satisfactory.

  3. I completely agree with Brandon. My experience was very similar the first time I ordered there. If I need to order an essay, I go to Bestessay. Their writers are qualified, the support is communicative, and papers are always worth a high grade.

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