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This is a personal story from Talisha about her difficulties with job search and experience using help of resume writing company CareersBooster. We agree with her that it’s a very good and professional writing service and that’s why we recommend CareersBooster as the top resume writing service and one of the best LinkedIn profile writing services in our lists.

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After I graduated from college, I spend the next two years travelling through Europe. I worked some really interesting jobs as a bartender, waiter, numerous hotel staff roles, and even entertainer. But, none of these are linked to my profession. When I was finally back and ready to use my college degree, it became impossible to find a job in the field.

I had no relevant experience, at least nothing special. More importantly, I had never written a resume or a cover letter before, so I had no idea what to do. I went online and downloaded some templates, filled them out with all that I had and all that I knew, and started applying.

Two months passed and I didn’t receive a single interview invitation, not even for those silly jobs that I was sure I’ll be called for. This is when I decided – I need some professional help.

I did some research online and came across this service – They had nice prices and offered everything I needed to apply for jobs. People seemed to have only great things to say about them, so I decided to give it a go.

I initially spoke to their support and told them about my issue. They told me that it is common to be rejected for a job even if you have qualifications for it because you didn’t present them to the employer. It is logical. If I don’t submit a good application, how will they know how qualified I am?

So, they offered to help and I accepted. I got myself a simple package from them – one with a resume, cover letter, and a makeover of my LinkedIn profile. I had time to spare since I was already waiting for months, so I decided to go for their most affordable option. This option includes a 5-day delivery, which is not at all a lengthy period.

The pricing was more than decent. I got an offer of $245 for the package, and they also threw in a 15% discount because I was their new customer. From all the sites I’ve visited that offer these types of services, none offered me a welcome discount.

To order, I was asked to provide a list of my qualifications, skills, and experience, or the resume and cover letter I already had. I sent them my templates containing all the information. The writer immediately got in touch with me and explained that they’ll remove some irrelevant information from the resume. I was eager to showcase all my experience, but I didn’t stop to consider that a financial firm won’t really care about my experience as a hotel maid.

Five days later when the package came, I was impressed without even sending it to employers. The formatting was flawless, not like my messy resume. The information was organized perfectly. They used tricks to emphasize the key information and found a way to make me sound like an amazing applicant.

The same applied to my cover letter. It was original, I checked, but not only that. The cover letter they sent was very convincing. It told the employers about my educational background, pointing to some really useful projects and volunteering activities. It even used some of my experience abroad to show that I’m communicative, responsible, and a great worker.

Lastly, there was the LinkedIn makeover. To be honest, I just opened the LinkedIn profile and wrote my name and some details. I didn’t really pay that much attention. Now that I have it all filled out, I’ve been receiving messages from potential employers without even reaching out. It is amazing!

I should definitely tell you about the support, too. They have a live chat where I talked to some people and they are very capable of doing their job. The agents assured me that if things do not go as I hope, they’ll revise my entire package for free. The company has a guarantee that allows you to come back after 2 months if their work doesn’t yield any results for you. In my case, it most certainly did, but it was nice to have this as an option.

I definitely recommend using this company. I didn’t have much cash to spare, but if I did, I would have paid for resume distribution also. It would take the load off my shoulders. Still, having all the things ready to apply is an excellent start. I now work at a small private financial company which is an amazing starting career for me. I also have great chances for progress. If I ever need to search for another job again, I’d definitely use this service.

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  1. Talisha, I had the same problems. When I graduated from college, I couldn’t land a job. After two months, I ended working in a grocery store. I then decided to pay CareersBooster for a resume. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

  2. When you don’t have any experience, it’s best to buy online just like they told you. I also didn’t know this at first so I couldn’t land a good interview. I tried it – the options are very limited. When I used a cover letter and resume from CareersBooster, interview invitations were endless.

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