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We got this College Paper review last week. The student asked us to publish it anonymously (what we respect) and really wanted to share his experience with others.

This is a very interesting story, especially considering that College Paper is one of the best essay writing services and personal statement writing services. We recommend you to read this.

My Experience with

I am writing this review to help out students who find themselves in a similar situation as I did. I’m not a bad student and I’m not a nerd, either. I do my studying, I attend classes, and I’m basically doing my best to complete college. But no one tells you how hard it is before you enroll there.

I’m not talking about student debt. That’s the thing that makes it even harder. I work part-time to pay off the debt at least a bit before I graduate. This leaves me with just about the right amount of time to do some studying and get some sleep. But what I didn’t count into my schedule is that there will be endless (I mean it – they never stop) essays and papers that I have to write.

They aren’t easy either. Research papers and essays are a horror. I have to go to the library because most professors don’t want me to ‘just use online sources’. Don’t even get me started on online research. Most websites are not even considered trustworthy, so I spend hours scouring page after page.

I hardly got any sleep and I got very skinny. College is torture. Then, my big sister told me how she went through college. Apparently, there were these companies that write papers at a good price, and you can submit it without worrying about anything.

So, I did another big research online (totally worth it!) and I came across The company looked like it’s the best. Students all around the web spoke of great papers, great support, great discounts. It almost sounded too good to be true.

I hopped onto their website. It’s a nice, blue site with everything right there at your reach. They give you this discount code right there on the homepage for 15% if you’re a new customer, which I appreciated greatly. The prices aren’t what I’d call ideal, but I’m willing to spend them if they deliver this type of quality.

But let’s not get ahead right away. Let me tell you how things went with the company. I checked the website a bit before ordering, read some samples, saw the rates, etc. My history essay cost me $23.99 per page for premium quality, which I was told is ideal for college students. That 15% discount was added to this, so I paid much less for it.

To order, I went to ‘order now’ and was taken to this form that I had to fill. I learned that they offer so many papers. They’ll have me covered for everything I need, even dissertations and editing. Since I often don’t have the time to edit or proofread and just send papers as they are, this can be really helpful. I lose a lot of points because of silly errors and their editing services are very affordable.

They asked me to select a paper, tell them about the topic, share some details about the order, etc. They also asked for my name, phone number, and email address. They used these to contact me when my paper was ready a week later.

It all went smoothly. I filled out that form in a couple of minutes paid for the order, and waited. I spoke to the support once because I was really scared that they won’t deliver it on time and that I’ll miss another deadline. You can find them on the live chat and they are really friendly. They assured me that the paper is being worked on and were really understanding (I panicked quite a lot two days before the deadline).

It was about 10 hours before the deadline that I received the paper. My history essay was on a Civil War topic and was torture to write. The work of the person who did it was brilliant. My writer used so many sources and important information, I don’t think anyone could have submitted a more interesting essay.

Everything went smoothly. I didn’t have problems like I do with my papers because they had proofread it completely. I also checked if there was plagiarism – none. After reading it, I just sent it to my professor. This paper that I got here got me an A with a really tough professor. I’ve received only two As since I started college because I never got around writing an excellent paper like this one.

What I got from these people was more worthy than the price I paid them. I don’t regret spending money to get papers here. In fact, I think I’ll be using them again when I feel too tired. I definitely recommend that you do, too.

We believe this review was useful for you to read. Don’t hesitate to share your story!


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  1. I just want to add to this person’s review – their support is amazing! For the first time ever, I ordered from a company and it was this one. My friend told me about them and since I way back on my schedule, I used them. Worth every penny!

  2. This story is just the start of a great journey. I’m a regular customer of this company, so I know it. Four years of college and I’m almost near my degree, all thanks to College-Paper. I used them whenever I couldn’t keep up with my schedule. They never delayed or rejected and order, and quality is always excellent.

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