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Oliver was a graduate when he stumbled upon Thanks to the website’s help, he managed to find time for his family and hobbies. All while ensuring his academic success and saving funds.

We can confirm that EduGeeksClub is one of the few cheap dissertation writing services out there that don’t compromise on quality. More EduGeeksClub also delivers great essays and is among the best essay writing services 2020.

In this review, Oliver shares his personal experience with this writing service.

My Experience with

Going through university was challenging for me at first, but then I managed to adapt to it. When I started, I was rather introverted and spent my time either playing video games or studying. So, I had a bunch of time to do my schoolwork.

Then, I started traveling to different places, and, when I got my Master’s, I got married.

After a few years, I wanted to get my Ph.D. in chemistry finally. Going back to university was hard for me because I had a job, a family, and new hobbies. As I got more nervous, I decided to get some online help. I looked up different services on forums, and I wanted a serious site to assist me.

After a couple of trials, I came across EduGeeksClub.

I am quite a skeptical person, so right off the bat, I ordered a complex research paper from them.

It was about organic chemistry, and I asked for some historical snippets too. It had a ten-day deadline, and it was six-pages long. I opted for premium quality and paid $131.94.

I must admit, after all the sites that disappointed me, I didn’t have high hopes.

Surprisingly, on the ninth day, I received the research paper.

I opened it and started to examine carefully.

I was pleasantly surprised by EduGeeksClub. The research was systematic, complete, and easy to understand. The formatting and elegant yet objective style gave a refined touch to the paper. The historical snippets were organic and relevant.

I ended up using parts of it for larger research. Nevertheless, it was money well-spent.

But this isn’t the most positive experience with I ordered different essays from them that were always top-notch quality.

Nonetheless, I decided to save the best for last for this review.

When I needed a dissertation for my Ph.D., EduGeeksClub helped me.

The dissertation involved electrical research and organic chemistry, so it was tough.

I ordered it two months before Spring Break so that I could have time to revise it and add images.

It was 50-pages long, and I spent $1538.50.

After two months, I received the dissertation through an e-mail.

I adored it.

The content was complete, properly referenced, and well-argued.

I didn’t particularly love the formatting, but that’s because I like more vibrant colors instead of “professional” ones like burgundy or navy.

I used the EduGeeksClub dissertation to write my own. It was an excellent base for my thesis. The passage from one hypothesis to another was smooth, and the structure was logical.

I even asked my writer to revise it for me, and he even checked it with different software to make sure it was original and correct.

So, it was worth all my money. While my writer was working on my dissertation, I had free time to practice my favorite hobbies. Also, I went on vacation for the first time since I graduated. Before EduGeeksClub, I never had time.

The staff was really approachable and my writer became my friend. When I complained about my job and having no time to stay at home, he said that I could apply to become a writer for EduGeeksClub. So, as far as customer service goes, it’s brilliant.

Now, I use it for proposals and reports. I am a busy chemist with no time. Also, I’m not patient enough to write a paper from scratch. So, I order it from EduGeeksClub and revise it. This way, I’m happy, and my boss is too.

I suggested EduGeeksClub to some of my friends.

One, in particular, had trouble with one subject. So, the website’s staff provided a thorough essay that he could study on, with all the incorporated information given by the teacher. Since then, my friend has been more calm and successful at school.

Thank you, EduGeeksClub, for helping me get my Ph.D. and for being a reliable service.

Edu Geeks Club helped yet another student to reach their academic goals.

You could submit your review like Oliver if you tried or other writing services. Let us know what you think, and we will share it with our community.


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