The Best Personal Statement Writing Services

The statement of purpose or the so-called personal statement has quite an impact on your future. A very short statement holds such high power, it is unbelievable. Therefore most students who’re asked to provide a statement as part of their applications choose to request professional help from online personal statement writing services.

Best Personal Statement Writing Services to Choose  

Hiring a professional personal statement writing service is the obvious choice for such an important task. If you haven’t written such a statement before (and you probably haven’t), personal statement writing can be a torture. Even those with the most advanced skills and recognized talent for writing tend to seek for help from personal statement writing services. Why? Because a task like writing personal statements holds such high importance, it will put immense pressure on you as a student.

It’s simply too important to make a mistake. When it comes to personal statement writing, you’ll enjoy your best chances at enrolment only if you pick the right service. This is where our list can help you.

best personal Statement Writing Service

Rating: 10/10

PaperWritingPro is a writing service like no other one. The company is on the market since 2016, and since then it has considerably increased its client base and improved its services.

Students who have worked with professional writers from Paper Writing Pro have praised their efficiency, thorough research, and versatility. They offer top-notch personal statement services that can highlight your achievements, interests, and goals so that you submit a high-quality paper.


Writing a personal statement for university can be a daunting task for many youngsters. PaperWritingPro is that writing service that has quite a wide variety of prices, depending of course, on your sense of urgency and requirements. Prices for personal statements start from $19.99 to $52.99. However, using the code WritringPro15 will give you a 15% discount on your first order.

I am usually reluctant when it comes to personal statement services offered by writing companies because I had some negative experiences in the past. But this is just not the case with PaperWriting Pro. Their writers are ready to take on any challenge and submit proficient papers.

Jon B., The University of Chicago

Quality and Support

There is a wide variety of writing companies you could choose from, but you do not have the guarantee that they meet your requirements and desired quality. Well, this is not the case with PaperWriting Pro. They have experienced writers, who build the best personal statement services. Moreover, their customer support agents are friendly and ready to help you whenever you need them.


Rating: 9.8/10

Many services publish false testimonials or high ratings to make you believe that they are the best personal statement writing services online. When we see a rating like this service has presented on the site, we’re never taking it seriously. However, after our research and evaluation, it actually turned out that this rating is accurate, and that this personal statement writing service is as highly rated online as presented on the site.


A quote of $21.99 is far from the cheapest, but it’s also quite a good offer for a personal statement writing service with a consistently high reputation. However, at this point, we still believed that this is more than most students can afford to spend. Thankfully, there are generous discounts and special offers that make it all sound much more attractive. Once you learn about their newcomers’ and loyal program discount of 15%, you start to understand why this personal statement writing service is so frequently used by students.

I have had only bad experience with writing companies, but interestingly, I never gave up. It was probably because I didn’t have other choice. However, once I came across and ordered, I realized that there’s actually a legit service if you look hard enough. Now I order without the need to doubt them, check the paper, or edit it.

Colleen C., Cornell University

Quality and Support

The quality is the highest praised thing about this personal statement writer service, and for a reason. If you don’t know how to write a personal statement, these are definitely the people who can jump in and help. The statement they delivered was of really good quality, and the support guided and supported us along the way.

Personal Statement Writing Service

Rating: 9.5/10

College-paper is one of the names known for writing successful personal statements. They don’t just offer to write a personal statement – they also guarantee success and provide free revisions. This is hard to believe at first since most companies make the same promises they never complete, but after our review, we’ve discovered that this is one of the high-quality writing companies that offer personal statement help online.


With prices that are neither cheap nor over the roof, all students can afford to buy personal statement here. The original lowest quote is $18.99, and this is without a discount added to it. Writing a personal statement for college is considered a really hard task and yet, this service offers it at a lower quote than say, writing an essay.

The discounts offer range from 5% to 15% for returning customers based on all their orders and include the first-time discount off a 15%.

If you need a good company, use College Paper. They helped me get into college when they wrote my statement, and now they’re helping me with term papers when I study for my exams. They’re extraordinary!

Iris C., University of Michigan

Quality and Support

When you choose a good service for an academic task, there’s more to look for than just good personal statement writers. In this case, the writers did exceptional work, but so did the support. This makes college-paper a high-rated, very secure service that we can recommend without giving it a second thought.

What Is Included in Personal Statement Writing?

When you order the service called ‘personal statement writing’, you’re basically ordering a short reflective essay. The goal of the writer is to help you show that you’re a great candidate for the course you plan to apply to. As the name suggests, you should get a personal statement, which makes it unique and like no other statement published or submitted anywhere.

The personal statement that the writer should deliver to you needs to demonstrate effort, knowledge, and have some relation to the course you’re applying for. It should use the following features: action, benefit, and course – also called the ‘ABC rule’.

Basically, when you do your personal statement or order it online, you need to have several sections that include: an introduction, relevant subjects you’ve passed and other accomplishments, demonstration of your interest in the academic institution and the course, relevant work experience, hobbies and interests, and a conclusion.

If you choose to order it instead of writing it on your own, make sure to provide the company with as many details as possible. Tell them about the course you’re planning to enroll in, share your resume and list of qualifications, and point out to any details you want to be emphasized in your personal statement.

Why Should You Use A Personal Statement Writing Service?

This is a small and yet, very significant piece of content. It’s in fact, one of the most important writings you’ll ever make in your life. Why? Because the personal statement’s quality will determine your academic future and with it, affect your general future and career path.

Knowing how important this is will surely make you stressed. Even if your skills for writing are highly developed, you’ll probably have doubts about your personal statement. It is great if you can write it on your own, but hiring a professional to at least edit your statement is a very wise investment. This helps you ensure that your personal statement is error-free and convincing enough to get you accepted in the academic institution you’ve chosen.

Another reason why you should hire someone to help you is that you’re writing about yourself. When you do this, it’s easy to be repetitive or appear as someone who’s just bragging. Moreover, you’ll probably want to showcase all your accomplishments, even the ones that aren’t relevant to the application. This is why you need an impartial person to help you write or tweak your personal statement.