Best Resume Writing Services Online 2022

Oh; how you want that job. You dream about that pay and that office culture.

But like any other employer, this one also wants a resume.

When you face extreme competition for the spot, the resume is what makes the real difference. It’s no wonder why almost all job candidates hire resume writing services.

What Can You Get from Resume Writing Services?

When you’re about to use a professional resume writing service, it’s important to know: what exactly can you order?

  • Resume – Duh! This is the product that prompts most job applicants to hire a resume writing service.
  • CV – Some employers want it instead of a resume. In European countries, it’s the standard job application document.
  • Cover Letter – It’s the personal statement that accompanies the resume. Hiring managers consider it highly important since it conveys your style and creativity.
  • LinkedIn Profile – It serves as a virtual resume. If you get noticed, recruiters may contact you through the network. But you need the perfect profile first, and you can get it from a top resume writing service.
  • Thank You / Follow up Letter – These letters are part of the job application etiquette. They are not necessary, but they may help you make a good impression. 

Top of the Top Resume Writing Services

When you need to order job application documents, your first instinct would be to use cheap resume writing services. But you also want great quality because you’re not willing to take risks.

We tested many professional resume writing services so that we could list the best ones. Thanks to our resume writing service reviews, you can find the perfect writer without wandering around lousy websites.

These are our top picks:

resumes planet

Rating 10/10

ResumesPlanet is a veteran in the resume writing industry. It’s been offering its services since 2008 and got a lot of positive ResumesPlanet reviews. It entered the industry at a moment when the top resume writing services were already well-established. But it brought fresh air with a huge team of writers, versatile services, and some of the most affordable prices that job applicants have ever seen.

Resumes Planet is one of the most affordable resume writing services that still manage to maintain a high level of quality for its customers. Such a balance is achieved thanks to the high frequency of orders. When the writers receive more work from a single service, they are willing to drop the price, knowing that they will get a regular flow of orders.

Here are some other interesting facts about Resumes Planet:

  • The most popular service provided by this company is the full package that includes a resume, cover letter, and thank-you & follow-up letters. It costs only $165. Another popular package is the one with a resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter for only $189.
  • There are 200 certified writers working at They’ve made thousands of customers happy with their writing services.
  • The minimum price of a resume is $109, and it’s set for the deadline of 5 days. You can get editing help here, too. Resume editing costs only $79.
careers booster

Rating 9.7/10

The service was founded in 2002 and it changed the standards among resume services. It came out with a better website, more versatile offer, better quality, shorter deadlines, and overall improved service. You can read about a personal experience that one of its customers had in her Careers Booster review.

With its fair policies, the company managed to attract some of the best resume professional writers in the industry. This is a place where they get to keep almost everything of their earnings, paying only a small fee for the service to operate. That’s why the final price is more affordable when compared to other companies of this type. Still, it’s a little bit expensive than Resumes Planet, while has the same excellent quality and that’s why CareersBooster is in the second place of our ranking.

Let’s check some facts that make better than another resume service: 

  • The most popular service provided by this company is a package that includes a resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter for only $245. Given the fact that you’d have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a single professional resume from other services, this is a great offer. It includes everything you need for a successful job application. 
  • A number of satisfied customers: 99.2% out of 8000+ completed orders over 17 years of experience.
  • The minimum price of a resume is $155 if you want it with a deadline of 5 days. The coolest thing is that if you already have a resume and you just want it improved, you can use the Resume Editing service for only $119.

Looking For Cheap Resume Writing Services?

Some writing agencies seem pretty affordable at first. KickResume, for example, lets you use premium resources at the website for only $8 per month. But there’s always a catch. In this case, you’re not getting a resume writer to work for you. You just get access to samples and templates. If you want them improved, you have to pay $29 for “human” editing, which isn’t that effective. The editors from this site lack experience and training to edit resumes professionally.

And then we have crazy expensive services, such as KnockEmDead. This one charges $989 for a single resume. It’s not even a package.

The reasonable price is somewhere between the extremes. Remember: you cannot get a top resume from certified writers if you’re not ready to pay at least $100. That’s actually a very affordable price, given the fact that the industry average is higher.

Both ResumesPlanet and CareersBooster offer affordable prices for extra solid quality. Resumes Planet is actually pretty cheap one as you can see from our research.

What about Resume Writing Services Near Me?

Before online resume writing services became available, job applicants had one question: “What are the best resume services near me?” The location mattered, since a resume writer from another area wouldn’t be aware of the local hiring standards. It wasn’t easy to conduct company research and write an entirely relevant resume unless you had direct contacts in the industry.

That’s why people were after local writers, and they were impossibly hard to find. 

The online writing industry changed things. There’s no need to ask “Are there any resume writing services near me?” when everything works online. Professional writers are certified to write resumes, and they focus on particular industries. If you want a military-to-civilian resume, for example, you’ll get a writer specialized to work with that type of content. They will also research the civilian industry you plan to enter, and they will write a completely relevant resume for you.

The local factor is only important in terms of language. If you’re applying for a job in the UK, for example, you want a British writer to write your CV. That’s why some of the top services branch out into other countries.

CareersBooster, for example, has its UK version.

The UK version of Careers Booster achieved high-level status among UK job applicants as soon as it was launched. The company already had a reputation for being great. So it was no problem for its recruiters to attract the most experienced and talented UK CV writers on board.

The CV is the main type of service here. That’s exactly why you need a British writer for a UK job application process. U.S. writers know how to write resumes, but they aren’t that experienced with CVs.

A package of a CV and a cover letter costs only £99. That’s an offer you can’t refuse!