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Writing your own resume could be very tough especially when you don’t have work experience and don’t know what to write. Kate was in a similar situation, and Resume Planet helped her with creating a good Linkedin profile. Read her review below to discover all the interesting details.
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After five years working in the IT industry as an app developer, I decided that it was time for me to change my career. The company I worked at was good but small, and it didn’t show many prospects. I reached the highest level I could reach and still didn’t get the salary I deserve. In other words – I outgrew my position there.

So, I started fresh. One day I decided to quit and I trusted that my expertise and the job in my resume will help me land a new, better job. But it turned out that applicants like me are all around, so getting a job at the big companies was actually not as easy as I thought.

I’ve been sending my resumes and cover letters all around, hoping to get a good job. Yes, I received a decent amount of interview invitations, but they were nothing better than what I had before. If I were to settle for the same salary and position, why did I quit my job in the first place?

So, I kept looking. Honestly, I spent two months this way and regretted not having kept my job until I landed a new one. That’s when I read this article online saying that these days, the best place to find a job in the IT sector is on the internet. More specifically, people were saying that they receive constant invitations for jobs on social media such as LinkedIn.

This might sound strange to you, but I never was a social media fan, so I didn’t have a LinkedIn profile. I did my research and learned that you need to make it great to pop up on the net and get invitations from big companies.

Only this time, instead of trying to do everything alone, I hired a professional. I called up, this really popular service and asked for a LinkedIn profile. It cost me less than $100 for a makeover, which was an excellent bargain.

Soon after, I realized that it was probably the finest investment I’ve made. Yes, maybe I could have figured out a way to make my own profile and optimize it, but this decision brought me to the company I work at today. And I didn’t even have to apply to get it!

I used their LinkedIn profile to reach out to people like me. I built some connections and spoke to others in my field. I also reached out to some big companies and got some interview invitations. But, a week after this, I was contacted by a company I really wanted to work at all along. Today, I’m standing in my office there writing this review.

My experience with ResumesPlanet was great in many ways, and not just because they paved my path toward a better career. Their site is very good and easy to navigate. I was able to see everything they offer with the prices attached. I picked their regular delivery option of 5 days, and they sent me the LinkedIn makeover four days later.

Ordering was as easy as it could possibly get. I sent them some things I had so that I don’t have to write all of my skills all over again. They got my resume and CV, and they used it to create my profile. It was great. It emphasized what I had worked, contained some contact information about references, and pretty much told everyone interested how talented and skilled I am.

I spoke to the support at one occasion, the one that this service has. They have a live chat option, so I didn’t have to call them or anything. I reached out one day and they responded right away. The person I talked to told me that if I am not satisfied with what they did and don’t get an interview in two months, they’ll revise the order free of charge.

I don’t think that it would be much of use if I were to spend two more months waiting for a job opportunity, but thankfully – I didn’t have to. It took me less than 10 days to get to the interview at my company and after I passed some of their tests, I got offered a position that was far better from the one I had before.

For all of this, I’m really grateful to the service. They offer all sorts of things from what I could see on their profile and judged by how they handled my order, I can only assume that they write good resumes and other things, too.

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  1. I didn’t order a LinkedIn profile like Kate, but I can tell you great things about my new resume written by ResumesPlanet. I thought my original resume was fine. But when I applied for jobs, the ones I really wanted, no one was responding. I decided to invest a bit on my friend’s advice. It was a good idea, now I am happily employed.

  2. I agree with everything Kate said. When my friend said ‘get your LinkedIn profile re-done professionally’, I thought ‘I don’t have to spend money on this’. But I’ve done it and I can tell you that it’s the right decision. If you want to find a good job fast, I recommend Resumesplanet.

  3. I paid ResumesPlanet to do a whole package for me: resume, cover letter, and fix up my LinkedIn profile. They did everything well with the profile just like Kate said, but also with the rest of the package. I already got some feedback for the jobs I applied for.

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