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RushMyEssay is a writing website that helps students achieve their academic goals. They offer a myriad of different services for reasonable prices.

One of their clients decided to share her experience with us.

Alicia is a college student from San Francisco, California, who ordered a few services from

She is pleased with the website, and we can confirm that it offers the best biography writing services in the industry.

Here is the unedited review she sent us.

My Experience with

I want to share my experience with RushMyEssay in the hopes of helping more students with their schoolwork.

It all began when I moved to San Francisco from a small town, and I was still adjusting to the city.

Then, the college started, and I was overwhelmed. It was incredibly challenging to try to make friends, work, and keep track of schoolwork.

I tried to cope with the stress, the intense study sessions, assignments, projects, and lectures, but after less than five months, I had a mental breakdown. I knew that if I slowed down with college, I’d eventually drop out.

However, I wanted to do something about it. So, I started browsing the internet for a good online service for my assignments. I tried one and was utterly disappointed: plagiarism, missed deadline, and incomplete requirements.

Then, I tried Needless to say, I don’t want to hear about any other services!

RushMyEssay saved my social and academic life. It was a relief to discover a site that took care of some of my most difficult assignments. It took a colossal load off my shoulders.

The first paper I ordered was a five-page essay for my Physics class. The title was “Transistors: why do they matter so much?”

The deadline was of seven days, and I paid extra to get one of the top ten writers, premium quality, and a one-page summary.

I paid $160 for it, but if I had known about their newsletter, I would’ve spent less.

So, on the seventh day, I received my paper.

I felt stupid for not trying about before stressing so much.

The essay was impeccable. The formatting, the style, the content, everything was perfect.

No plagiarism, no grammar issues. The only thing I would’ve wanted more was for them to print the essay for me too.

I gave the essay to my teacher, and he loved it. I got the best grade in my academic career, and I couldn’t be happier.

After my positive experience with RushMyEssay, I decided to order another one.

This time it was a premium-quality biography on Michael Faraday. It was three-page long and with a ten-day deadline.

Just like last time, the writer talked to me about the paper’s progress. They kindly sent me snippets and the initial drafts. They asked about the tiniest details, and the previews looked great.

Then, they emailed me the biography, and I was amazed yet again.

The writing? Flawless. Content? Complete. Plagiarism? Non-existing.

The writer honored Faraday’s memory by writing a beautiful biography. I liked the formatting too, very aesthetic, and clean. The sources were carefully listed like last time, and the quality was truly premium.

I should’ve paid $73.23, but this time I subscribed to the newsletter and saved some money.

The order is effortless to make. It’s just a two-step process. Also, RushMyEssay has a detailed order form that gives you the chance to specify every single detail of your paper.

Another aspect that I love is honesty. RushMyEssay isn’t one of those flashy and lousy sites that advertises “free everything.” They carefully explain on the site the guarantees and the extra elements that you may need to pay extra for, only if you want them. That’s because they emphasize quality, not price.

The writer was extremely honest with me too. They told me exactly what they were going to modify in each draft.

Finally, I recommended this website to one of my best friends. She was also struggling with fitting all the schoolwork in her schedule and was really sad because she missed her home town and family. She tried it a couple of times, and she was just as relieved as I was. Now, we both have time for our social life, work, and self-care.

I wholeheartedly recommend!

Alicia isn’t the only satisfied customer of The site is trustworthy, and it offers excellent services.

If you tried or any other paper writing service, send your review to us. Together, we can help students pick the best site for their academic needs.


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