How to Avoid Scam Essay Writing Services

You just realized: there’s no way for you to complete this essay writing assignment. You tried. You did your best. The deadline is close and you can’t write it well, so you need to hire a professional writer to complete it for you.

There’s an important matter at this point: how do you avoid scam essay writing services? We’ll give you a few tips that work.

Are Essay Writing Services a Scam?

Not all writing agencies are fraudulent. In fact, there are several amazing services out there. They will deliver the content you need when you need it. They won’t charge unexpected fees and they will provide free revisions upon request.

Unfortunately, the situation with essay writing services scam is also real. Some sites aren’t trustworthy enough. Since there’s no licensing authority to control these services, you depend on reviews. To help you avoid fraudulent sites, we review writing services and write our top lists.

How to Recognize Scam Writing Services

There are a few indicators that help you recognize writing services scam:

  • The website doesn’t feature terms and conditions

This is the most serious sign that something is wrong with the agency. Scam dissertation writing services often skip the terms and conditions, since it takes a lot of time and effort to develop them. If they copy the terms from a competitive website, Google sanctions them for plagiarism. So they prefer not to feature them. They gain an important advantage: their customers aren’t protected with terms, so they can promise anything at their website and avoid responsibility if they don’t deliver it.

  • The terms don’t go to your favor

The presence of terms doesn’t guarantee you’re safe. What do they say? Scamming writing services online will protect themselves with shady terms and conditions. They will promise free revisions all over the site, but then they will use the terms to limit your right to revisions. They will say you’re allowed to submit only three requests. The writers will make only minimal changes for three times. They are allowed to ignore your requirements, change a sentence or two and send the document back. They will do this three times and you won’t have the right to request additional improvements.

Carefully read the terms for revisions, refunds, and pricing!

  • The prices are too low or too high

It’s tempting to order at a website that sets prices around $10 per page. But professional writers can’t work for such a low price. If you see quotes that are much lower than the average, it means that the writers are non-native English speakers. They are also freelancers without proper training on the topics they cover. You won’t get high-quality work there.

This doesn’t mean you should opt for the most expensive services, though. Some agencies take advantage of students by setting prices above $70 per page for the shortest deadlines. That’s another extreme that you should avoid.

  • You don’t get enough information about the qualifications of their writers

Does the service guarantee to pair you with a professional writer who’s experienced and educated on your topic? If you don’t get any information about the writer’s qualifications, you’ll get rewritten or paraphrased content. That doesn’t work if you need 100% unique results.

  • You see writer profiles, and they complete all kinds of orders

Some services feature profiles of their writers. Such transparency is great, and it’s usually present with bidding websites. However, if you notice that the same writer completes orders from literature, social sciences, math, psychology, and all other niches, search for another service. This is not a trained writer; it’s just a typist who paraphrases information from the web.

Check Our Reviews to Avoid Scam Essay Writing Services

Even if you carefully examine different websites, you can’t be sure of their quality until you check their online reputation. What do real customers get?

This is where our reviews get useful. We test different services by ordering papers, and then we deliver detailed reviews for students who want to order content online. Our evaluations are based on direct experience. Other customers also contribute with their comments, so you can see what real users think.

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  • Dissertation Writing Services

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Always check a website’s reputation before ordering papers there!