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The latest personal story comes from Mark, a literature student who ordered two pieces of content from The story is very inspiring because Mark provided us with an in-depth review of this agency and explained how they assisted him in essay writing and proofreading.

My experience with

I’m a typical college student who balances classes, homework, and a job. I knew I needed to get my English literature essay done in a few days, but I just didn’t have the time. As a sophomore in college, I had to write an essay on Romantic poets. I could not handle it myself, so I decided to hire a writing agency. I found online and read the many positive reviews, so I decided to go ahead and place an order from them.

I was a little worried that the quality wouldn’t be good, but I was pleasantly surprised – the essay was well-written and error-free. And it got me an A+ grade. Thank you,!

But let me tell you how it all works from day one.

First of all, I visited the official website to check the overall look of this company. It turned out that their website is very simple and easy to use because they focus on what matters the most to me and other students, and that’s picking a product and placing an order in a few clicks.

However, I walked the extra mile just for curiosity purposes and learned a lot about That means checking out the prices, reading student reviews, figuring out how they work, and similar. It convinced me to order a paper, so I clicked on the ‘Order’ button and filled out the form.

Then I chose the type of product I needed, which was an essay, the academic level, the number of pages, the deadline, and other options. The whole process took less than five minutes because it was very straightforward.

The pricing policy is very clear and you can’t make a mistake with it. After choosing your paper of choice, the site’s calculator instantly displays the price in multiple variations of the same service. For instance, this is what I put into the calculation to learn the prices:

  • English literature essay, 7 pages, premium quality, 10 days to deliver ($154)
  • Proofreading project, 12 pages, 3 days to deliver ($96)

You can do the same thing without placing the actual order – just visit the site and use the calculator. That way, you can easily compare the prices with other agencies without having to go through the entire process of placing an order first.

Finally, I submitted my requirements and they got right to work. Only eight days later, they sent me the completed essay. It was amazing! They had captured the essence of the topic and written in eloquent English prose. This is very important for me because literature essays really have to stand out and make an impression on the reader, especially if you have a difficult professor like I do.

The only thing I wanted to be altered was the structure. That’s because the author failed to include a section that I personally thought was important. The good thing is that the team reacted almost instantly, so I got a revised paper in 12 hours.

Not only did they save me a lot of time, but they also improved my essay significantly. And they did all of that for a very reasonable price! If you ask me, it was money well spent.

As for the proofreading project, they did a great job with that too. I had no idea my paper had so many spelling, grammar, and even logical mistakes until they pointed them out to me! It just goes to show how important it is to have someone else look over your work before you submit it. But it’s not just about proofreading – the agency also suggested a bunch of style-related amendments that I could make to improve the paper.

I accepted almost all of these suggestions because they really did make my essay better. In the end, I got a higher grade than I would have if I had submitted the paper without editing it.

The bottom line is that only a handful of students can do perfectly on their own when it comes to academic writing. The rest of us need help, especially when we’re aiming for the top grades. That’s I would very gladly recommend this writing agency to other students. If you’re looking for quality at a reasonable price, then is the right team for you.

Did you like Mark’s story about his experiences with We hope it will help you make the right decision and choose the best academic writing agency. And when you get your writing orders completed, make sure to come back and share your personal experiences with us!


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