Dissertation-Service.org Review

Dissertation-Service.org Review

Recently we got a personal story from Mike, a graduate who decided to write a dissertation. Dissertations are recognized as the most complicated, time-consuming papers. We are pleased that Mike was so happy to get help online.

Mike shared his experiences with Dissertation-Service.org, and we were impressed with the positive feedback we received. Dissertation-Service.org is known to be the second top cheap dissertation writing service on our list.  

My Experience with Dissertation-Service.org

When I got a letter from the university, I did not believe that I have got accepted. Thousands of candidates would like to study hard, start their scientific career, and get an academic degree. I was worried that I could not withstand the pressure of the university.

These were the most challenging four years of my life, but I liked it. I learned a lot and chose a fantastic career path. I made a lot of friends. And later came a moment when I needed to start writing a dissertation. By then, I got married (my wife was in the last month of pregnancy) and started to work part-time as a professor assistant, so I almost had no time for writing. I thought that I need some help and started my search.

Do you know how hard it is to find a reliable academic writing company? You need to search online, then learn more about the way the company work. You need to review their reputation and make a weighted decision. You should always be ready for failure too.

The first company I tried to order a dissertation proposal from just vanished with my money. They stopped replying to my messages, and their phone support was dropping me off every time I tried to complain about my paper. But I am not easy to trick, so I just requested a chargeback to my Pay Pal.

Then I tried a freelancer from Upwork, with no luck too. The system is safe, so my money was secured at this time. My friend suggested me to use another website, yet they failed also.

So, after these unsuccessful attempts, I wrote a dissertation proposal myself and got accepted.

However, I needed some help with a dissertation paper since I had no time to write it. My beloved made me crazy with all this staff pregnant girls do. She was worried about everything: clothes, bed, bedding, apartment, food – my life became a nightmare.

On some website (I do not remember its name), I read about Dissertation-Service.org – the way they work, prices, quality, and support. I liked the information and thought it is worth checking this company as well.

I went to the website and called their customer support. They were friendly and eager to help. Understanding that I was worried about starting big, they suggested ordering a chapter from the team. So, if I do not like it, I can always cancel the order and ask for a refund (they have a money-back guarantee).

So, I placed my order here, and it was easy. I passed my dissertation proposal, all the requirements I had, and asked them to write an introduction. The price was $248.92 – less than I paid for the service before. I set the deadline of 20 days, so the writer had time to learn more about the subject.

By the way, I am getting a degree in pedagogy, and do not think that ordering online is cheating. My dream is to change the way students learn, and I am against giving them hundreds of tasks each term.

In 20 days, I was able to download my dissertation introduction written by this team. The paper was good, yet it needed several minor corrections. Nevertheless, there were no mistakes, and I liked the paper’s flow, the way writer warps arguments, and makes hypotheses. My introduction was properly cited and formatted, and if I had other chapters, I could submit them right away.

So, I decided to continue with this team, and now I am honestly very thankful to them. I am a proud member of the scientific community and have a Ph.D. degree. A couple of days ago, I was offered a full-time job at my university to continue my research and teach other students.

If you are stuck with your dissertation, it is a good idea to order a paper from a qualified writing service like Dissertation-Service.org. I can say for sure, these guys saved my academic career and allowed me to sleep well during the most challenging and happiest period of my life.  

If you have used a dissertation writing team and would like to share your experiences, our team loves to hear them! Just use the contact form on our website. Moreover, you can always comment below if you do not like to write a lot.


4 thoughts on “Dissertation-Service.org Review

  1. Mike literally described the same experience as mine. My dissertation came out exactly as I wanted to be. I had the bad luck to be matched with a picky mentor and Dissertation-service finally wrote something that she liked. I plan to use them for the rest of the chapters.

  2. I hate writing. I’m a baseball player in my school’s team and don’t have time to write paper after paper. I recommend them dearly, especially now that they did my dissertation, too. Just like Mike says – order a chapter first and you’ll see what they offer!

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